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Warsaw Uprising

1st of August 1944. Warsaw. Midnight. A group of AK (National Army) soldiers receives a very important order. In one of the conspiratorial premises in the city centre, there is a radio station. They have to broadcast a message about the "W Hour". A group of specialised soldiers hiding near Warsaw is waiting to hear any kind of contact from AK. This day is going to be remembered for ages and you can be a part of it.

Top-ranked escape room in Poland according to Lockme.pl

It is an escape room created with passion and ambition, supported by modern technology. The room’s dramatic plot is connected to the history of the city where we live and work, a fact we are very proud of. There are so few games inspired by locality! The Warsaw Uprising is more than just an escape room, with fascinating puzzles. It is a place where you will experience adventure, journey and emotions that will stay with you for a long time!

From Monday to Thursday and until 15:00 on Friday, there is one actor involved in the game. On Fridays from 15:01 and on weekends there are two actors involved. Each version is fascinating and contains the same number of puzzles. The presence of the second actor increases the drama. However, it is still very much worth visiting the room during the week, as it is easier to find a fitting time, and the price is a bit lower. The quality is superior no matter which version you are playing.

2-10 players
70 min
13 y/o
2 actors


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Room: Warsaw Uprising

Group size

Monday - Friday 09:00 - 14:59 one actor

Monday - Thursday 15:00 - 23:00 one actor

Friday after 15:00 also on Saturday and Sunday two actors

2 people

230 PLN /group

280 PLN /group

460 PLN /group

3 people

280 PLN /group

330 PLN /group

470 PLN /group

4 people

320 PLN /group

370 PLN /group

480 PLN /group

5 people

360 PLN /group

440 PLN /group

510 PLN /group

6 people

390 PLN /group

480 PLN /group

550 PLN /group

7 people

430 PLN /group

510 PLN /group

590 PLN /group

8 people*

450 PLN /group

570 PLN /group

630 PLN /group

9 people*

480 PLN /group

610 PLN /group

660 PLN /group

10 people*

500 PLN /group

630 PLN /group

690 PLN /group

*We recommend playing up to 7 people. You can also play in a larger group: 8-10 people. Remember that it will be tighter and you have fewer puzzles to solve per person. The price with 8-10 people is the lowest per player.

If you make a reservation for a given number of people, e.g. for 5, and you end up coming in a larger or smaller group, we will make a surcharge or refund the overpayment on the spot. You do not need to call us and notify us of a change in the number of people.

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